In a Nutshell

On Facebook, a post by someone I do not know named Reg Houghwot was shared. It contained the featured image of “Woodstock, 1969,” and the following copy: “People of all walks of life, color, religion, sexual beliefs. It’s hard to imagine this many people in one place sitting peacefully. What the hell happened to us.”

My explanation “in a nutshell” was this reply:

“My generation went from activism and love to the Me Generation in less than a decade; advantaged, white American Boomers (I’m one) collectively degenerated into egocentric narcissists devoted to the pursuit of crass, conspicuous consumption and ever increasing social status. Human civilization is headed down the hopper, and we Boomers could have done something about it, but we didn’t: that’s what the hell happened to us.”

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