Tall Ship

It promises to be a long winter! Why not escape to the South Pacific in 1956 by diving into Pinctada, a historical noir, coming-of-age novel duo comprised of two novels that are intended to be read as one work? (Continued below in “Blogger’s Notes” …)

The blogger at the helm of Serenity on calmer seas (1986)

“Tall Ship” (c) Jeff Lee Byrem


Pinctada’s Brittany “Bambi” Macey at 19
Click on the image above to order a trade paperback and/or eBook of Pinctada, which is comprised of two novels, En Mer [At Sea] and Found and Lost in Paradise; volumes 4 and 5 of the Myers/Benton Chronicles. (In the UK? Click this link: Pinctada)

Pinctada explores the lives of two young American teenagers — Bill Benton and Brittany “Bambi” Macey — as they encounter tumultuous months in French Polynesia, where they must endure and overcome unforeseen challenges of adulthood in an extraordinary world that is beyond their imaginings when they steal away on the Ultima Thule; challenges that are resolved by fate, courage, perseverance, a child, and a strategic return.

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