The Helper

“In the psychological mystery, The Helper, three lives intersect in New York City…good characters and an interesting plotline…an engaging thriller using Native American shamanic traditions.”  San Francisco Book Review

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The Helper is set at the turn of the Millennium when a self-appointed angel of death is on a killing spree of NYC street children, and First Nation descendant Martha Beauvais and her grandmother, a Lakota shaman, help David Lacey — a gay, Upper West Side, stay-at-home father — deal with a dark and troubled past.

When Lacey’s partner disregards him one too many times, David embarks on a night of debauchery, which goes awry and leads to a fight for survival on a Chelsea street. Alerted by a vision seen by Martha’s grandmother, Martha and her grandmother rescue Lacey and take him to their home on the Mashantucket-Pequot Reservation in Connecticut, where the grandmother leads David to a non-ordinary world of reality that ultimately reveals the identity of The Helper, as well as the man responsible for Lacey’s troubled past.


This post refers to the newly published, 2nd Edition of The Helper. Now is the time to purchase a trade paperback or Kindle version of this LGBTQ noir thriller that is set at the turn of the Millennium.

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