The Killer Ape: We Are Doomed

See the earlier post The Killer Ape as prelude to this post.

All governments suffer a recurring problem: Power attracts pathological personalities. It is not that power corrupts but that it is magnetic to the corruptible. Such people have a tendency to become drunk on violence, a condition to which they are quickly addicted— Frank Herbert, Chapterhouse: Dune

The 7.75% of adult Americans who watched the 1/6 Committee’s first public hearing on June 9, is a valid barometer of the degree to which Americans care about the above. The obvious lack of interest is yet more evidence that a minority of tens of millions of Americans …

… are too stupid or too unenlightened to appreciate the warnings “Trumpeted” by the 1/6 insurrection about the impending end of our individual rights to pursue life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, and/or …

… despite what has occurred since Barrack Obama publicly shamed a boorish, ignorant, pathological narcissist at the 2011 White House Correspondents’ Association dinner, they are more worried about gasoline prices than about the end of American Democracy as we have known it, and/or …

… are comforted by the probability that their dream is about to come true, their dream of being ruled by White Killer Apes who will diminish the power of people who do not look and act like them: people of color, people for whom English is a second language, people who follow “foreign” religions including Judaism, people who are LGBTQ, and people who are women.

My non-scientific sample of one suggests that because of the lethargy of too many Americans (coupled with the continuing naiveté and general ineptitude of the Democratic Party), the Neo-Confederate Republican Party (the leaders of which are the ideological descendants of Confederate traitors), are likely to win enough of the final battles of the Civil War–the November elections–to finally reach what has been their goal since the shooting war ended in 1865: a final and decisive victory of The Civil War.

If the GOP’s Killer Apes should manage to win enough of this year’s November elections to “gain power,” they will begin to eviscerate American Democracy, and if that happens, over the months that follow the GOP leaders will begin to detain and arrest everyday Americans (not just politicians) who will be identified as dissidents, using millions of Tweets and Facebook posts as evidence against those thousands of us who have had the audacity to speak out against Donald Trump and other GOP Killer Apes. What I am predicting is not unlike how Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s government (a presidential representative democracy and a constitutional republic) had identified opposition after a 2016 coup attempt and had detained 113,260 people, of whom 47,155 had been arrested.

Unlike the current work of the DOJ, which is using Facebook posts et al (in addition to other evidence) to arrest and prosecute Americans who broke specific laws on 1/6, if the GOP wins The Civil War, they will use our posts and tweets as reasons to detain Americans who have not broken laws but whose individual beliefs have been critical of the Neo-Confederate GOP.

I believe the vast majority of Americans have taken our Constitutionally-protected freedom of speech for granted; unfortunately, those Americans are unaware that the Rule of Law is a myth subject to the Tinkerbell Effect and cannot imagine that opinions freely offered (like what I have expressed in this post) might someday soon be reasons why (e.g.) I will be detained.

Future temporary home of Americans who tweet or post criticisms of GOP leaders

I’m not being a latter-day alarmist. On the night of the 2016 Presidential Election, I angered a few of my friends–who were as disappointed as was I at the Democrats having managed to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory–when I predicted a day would come when Trump would refuse to leave office, and that with a single tweet, he would rouse thousands to go to DC to prevent him from being removed. Dare I say to my friends, “I told you so?”

I was once advised that if I was going to identify challenges in my blog posts, it might be proper to provide possible solutions that addressed those challenges. After being made aware of the lack of interest in the work of the 1/6 Committee, I may have finally reached the point where I will have to surrender my will to the greater power of the Killer Apes, who seem to be hell-bent on ending what I suppose has always been the delusion of enduring freedom and enlightenment promised in the Declaration of Independence.

As of this writing, the only solution that remains for me as an individual and those of like-minded Americans will be to vote in November. If the Confederacy rises, finally wins the war, and raises contrivances (they will) to deny people of color et al the right to vote, American Democracy will die, never to rise again.

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