He left a trail

The following is a direct extraction from Sarah Kendzior’s, THEY KNEW: How a Culture of Conspiracy Keeps America Complacent

“When Donald Trump descended the escalator of his golden tower and proclaimed himself America’s populist savior, he left a trail. The trail had two ex-wives, one of whom, Ivana, reportedly declared in a sealed divorce court deposition that he raped her, and the other, Marla, who was rumored to have tax returns revealing insight into his dirty dealings. (Trump denied Ivana’s accusation; Ivana later confirmed that she used the word rape but did not mean it in “a literal or criminal sense” and in 2016, as Trump was running for president, she retracted the claim.) The trail also featured a large number of bankruptcies culminating in an investigation of Trump’s businesses by the Department of the Treasury in 2015, an investigation that ended when he became president. The trail was a road map of thirty years of presidential ambition—he ran in 2000, 2012, and 2016, and nearly ran in 1988 and 1996—and a lifetime of engagement with the dirtiest of GOP operatives and a slew of mobsters, pedophiles, and white-collar criminals.

“That trail sprawled around the world, but ran a recurring route to the Kremlin, where daughter Ivanka, whom her father said he would date if only they were not related, sat in Putin’s chair during one of the Trump family’s many Moscow visits with their oligarch friends and mafia-adjacent business partners. Like all roads to Mar-a-Lago, the trail was laced with land mines of NDAs, threats, and bribes. But in 2015 the trail was repaved and made smooth, like when mobsters bury their victims’ bodies in the concrete of a construction project.

“The trail was so smooth, the pathway so appointed, that reporters strolled right over the criminal underground beneath. They were too busy gaping at Hillary Clinton’s emails, which beckoned to them like neon signs on a bureaucratic Vegas strip. They were too busy gobbling down gossip spoon-fed to them from a prearranged buffet, all you can eat, almost like the person at the center of this campaign was not some neophyte political rube but a skilled exploiter of human weakness. This was a casino campaign: no clocks, no daylight, dealer wins, mark folds and keeps on playing. The trail was groomed like a racetrack, and the media’s favorite horse was Trump, because he is such an easy bet—a rigged bet always is—and he runs round and round and round, never getting tired, never failing to deliver. The press watched him run and they did not intervene, even when the cracks in the trail became a chasm, and the bodies began to emerge, and the ground began to shake, and the hole began to darken, and the future fell in.

“But there was an obstacle on the trail that could not be eliminated, one they pretended not to see. The obstacle was child rape, a dark accusation that was also heavily documented. (See Blogger’s Notes below) As I explain in great detail in my previous book Hiding in Plain Sight, a woman forced into childhood sexual slavery by Epstein and Maxwell claimed that Trump had raped her and threatened to murder her and her family if she told anyone. The press generally refused to report on the case, despite the severity and relevance of the allegation. In 2016, the victim sued again, and lawyers commented on the near uniform reticence of journalists and officials to explore whether the allegation was true. When a video of Trump bragging that he liked to “grab them by the pussy” emerged in October 2016, prompting additional women to accuse him of sexual assault and predatory behavior, the victim decided to hold a press conference and tell her story one week before the election. She and her attorney were threatened with murder, and they called it off.

“Most media and public officials ignored the Epstein-related Trump rape case because they were still refusing to tell the truth about Epstein. Here we arrive yet again at the intersection of rape, espionage, hostile foreign states, corrupt law enforcement, compromised world leaders, and the elite lawyers, academics, financiers, and journalists who enable them. Epstein’s story is one of institutional collapse, a story that bridges centuries and pulls the myth of the twentieth into the mire of the twenty-first. The American century looks different now, kind of like the sky looks different when you are trapped at the bottom of a well.

“The full history of this conspiracy remains untold, because the scope is so sprawling that you need a team to tackle it. It’s the kind of investigation law enforcement and intelligence agencies would do if they were not also implicated in the crimes. I’ve reported parts of the history, caught hell for it, and hoped that the flames in my wake might light someone else’s way. I do not know how much I succeeded, but I knew that it would be wrong not to try. I wanted justice and the truth because I did not want history to repeat. I wanted to expose the past and in doing so break the future.”


The bold highlights above are mine, not Dr. Kendzior’s.


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