How I “Canvassed” For Democracy

For the past five months, some friends on Facebook may have wondered where I’ve been. I have not been knocking on doors for Democrat Candidates; rather, I’ve been tweeting my brains out, reinforcing the notion every day that the survival of American Democracy was the primary issue in the election, encouraging Americans who love our Democracy to not give up, and harassing the MAGA crowd by calling them on the lunacy of their conspiracies, denials, and unAmerican behaviors.

Most often, I tweeted written responses to tweets, but sometimes, I used memes I created, and at other times, I “borrowed” memes like the one below of two MAGA geniuses.

This image came in handy when accompanied by pointed text that was used to respond to GOP tweets that were critical of the behaviors and policies of Democrats

I had a healthy (but by far not the largest) following of about 3200 folks who regularly received my tweets, including those of my tweets that were responses to MAGA candidates, current office holders, and supporters who were lovingly referred to by many of us as MAGAts. I spent much of my time on Twitter perusing the tweets of key GOP leaders, was always astounded that each tweet would be assailed by a blizzard of negative responses from the Left, to which I would add my two cents.

For example, it was like the Wild West every time Lindsey Graham would tweet something negative about Joe Biden (or more likely, when one of his staff would tweet something). All I needed to do to provide a counter to the criticism was to tweet in response:

A borrowed image (and accurate quote–the full interview is on YouTube) used to respond to Graham’s criticisms of the Biden Administration

Or if a tweet required a more pointed response, I used the obviously (I assume, obviously, but I could be wrong) photoshopped “woman” as a perfect backdrop for a response in the form of a quote from the woman pictured: “Why, Lindsey! Y’all need to listen up, ya hear …”

Borrowed image for a touch of humor when countering a Graham

Mitch McConnell memes also came in handy quite frequently …

Found this online by Googling “Mitch McConnell and Confederate Flag.” You can imagine how useful this was, as was the following …
As noted in the image, this was borrowed from OCCUPY DEMOCRATS
Another borrowed meme I often used to counter a tweet from the Radical “Wrong” in order to add my small voice to the choir that was calling for Americans to vote for American Democracy.

I also tweeted images in the “a picture speaks a thousand words” category:

These two images that I put together often came in handy.

If you’ve never ventured onto Twitter, you may not know that there are three primary ways to tweet. One way is to tweet a response to someone else’s tweet, which is how the preceding images were used. The second way is to simply retweet someone else’s tweet. The third way is to post something on your own Twitter page. Of the original’s I created and tweeted, the following were “liked” and “retweeted” hundreds of times:

A Jeff Lee Byrem original that became very useful when the GOP lost their collective minds when Biden referred to the GOP as being “semi-fascist.”
A JLB Original (I’ll admit that being called a snowflake rankled until I thought of the above metaphor and began to tweet it in response to every encounter with a tweet that called someone a snowflake)
The JLB original above was inspired by Putin’s invasion of the Ukraine, and by the autocratic/fascist language that Trump, DeSantis and their sycophants cannot seem to resist.
The JLB original above was inspired by Uvalde and SCOTUS
The JLB original above speaks for itself
This JLB original declares a personal, core belief

Hand in hand with the often silly playing around that constituted tweeting about the elections, were the hours I spent researching and writing posts for my blog, Growing Up Boomer. Several posts that were germane to the election, in addition to being posted on the blog, were tweeted out (click a title to go to the post):

The past five months of being immersed in the Twittersphere for an hour or more every day has been an interesting experience that ended for me the day before Elon Musk took control of Twitter. I had planned to continue tweeting until the election, but I did not want to be a part of something (if I can help it) that was directly associated with a man who represents the antithesis of American Democracy and who is a “poster child” for the society of oligarchs, autocrats, kleptocrats, and international mob bosses, which is on the verge of turning human civilization into a massive autocracy.

Note: Readers may feel free to copy and use any of the JLB original memes in this post without attribution.