The moment America lost its moral center

The day Friedman’s op-ed was published marks the moment when the last nail was hammered into Christianity’s coffin and our collective American compassion for the less fortunate was terminated, the day when the tenor of MBA program curricula began to change from “the social responsibilities of business” to Gordon Gekko’s admonition that “It’s all about bucks, kid; the rest is conversation,” the instant when well-advantaged Americans felt justified in blatantly indulging a hyper-greed that has resulted in a tiny percentage of us having accumulated wealth beyond anything imaginable in the Gilded Age, and the beginning of a morally devastating wanna-be-rich pipe dream on the part of millions of Americans who try to ignore the poor, the societal effluent whose lives are worse than they might have been in the absence of Friedman’s declaration that “The Social Responsibility of Business is to Increase its Profits.”

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